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The power to draw many people to hear the truth of the Gospel is in your hands! Premier Unbelievable? is more than just a Christian discussion programme. Christians like you are supporting it to:

    • engage sceptics with the truth of God’s love
    • train Christians to talk openly about their faith
    • point seekers to the answers that can only be found in Jesus Christ

To thank you for your support, we’ll give you the free e-book Why You Can Believe by Justin Brierley.




"I am an ex pastor who has been struggling with my faith and on the brink of atheism. Your podcast has helped me immensely and pulled me back from the edge of unbelief."

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What is Premier Unbelievable?

Premier Unbelievable? exists to encourage non-believers to explore faith and to help Christians to understand, defend and share their faith with confidence.

Conversations that matter

We bring leading Christians and non-Christians together for high-quality discussion and debate, and share the thought and theology of world-class theologians and thinkers.

Training and events

We host online courses, webinars and conferences that help Christians to develop a thinking faith and bring credible Christianity into the public sphere.

Creating confidence

Help us to create more high-quality podcasts, videos, training courses, publications and events that can change the conversation about faith in our world.